ICARD Central Monitoring Station

The software of the computer presentation and data archiving station "ICARD Centrala" is a certified medical device that meets the requirements of directives 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC.

Installed on a PC computer, it supports up to 16 bedside monitors, providing a presentation of all waves and measured values, remote control of all monitor functions, archiving of alarm records and created on request, as well as registration and storage of patient data in the database. In case the system is used to supervise more than six patients, we recommend a central monitor in the "pivot" (vertical) configuration that allows optimal use of the screen area.

Communication between the monitors and the central station is carried out by special industrial wireless links, working in a band that does not interfere with the standard wi-fi transmission and bluetooth devices. The wireless system allows flexible use of monitors, and the supervised patient can stay in any hall within the ward. The low weight of the monitor (maximum 4.5 kg) makes it easy to move the device for another patient who needs to be monitored.

Patient data, alarm records and records created at the service request are stored in databases. Simple, intuitive interface and extensive filters allow easy browsing of the archive. Waveforms stored with a configurable time loop allow for the analysis of the patient's condition prior to the occurrence of an alarm. A comment can be attached to each of the records, and any part of the record can be printed or exported in pdf format.

Optional software modules enable the user to create alarm and record reports. For scientific or statistical purposes, it is possible to export reports in the format indicated by the user.

The ICARD Centrala software enables the system to work with other remote computers. For data and patient safety, this feature has locked editing databases and does not allow remote control of bedside monitors.